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All the artes Yuri is able to do in the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia.

Just as reference for everyone and me.

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You'll probably have to open it, to be able to read it. Got it from this game. But can also be found here.

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Can I...

...hug Yuri? ...flirt with Yuri? ...kiss Yuri? ...have smut with Yuri?
Sure. Try that one, but he'll probably be confused if he doesn't know you. Sure again. If he actually likes you, then he'll probably flirt back, but it'll only be for fun (on his part). Eh. Sure, but there will probably be even more confusion than with hugging. Eh... okay. That's a no, probably a very clear no.
...steal from Yuri? ...fight with Yuri? ...injure Yuri? ...permanently injure Yuri?
Sure, but keep in mind that he grew up in the Lower Quarter as orphen and (probably) needed to steal himself when he was young.

He is fast as well, but if you can give him a good enough reason he would probably understand you and help you as well.
Absolutely sure! He always likes a challenge and wouldn't say no to some fighting, either training or something serious. He won't mind. Sure. No one is perfect after all. Sure again, but let's talk about it first. I don't want him totally helpless in that world. So, please ask first.
...read Yuri's thoughts? ...mind-control Yuri? ...perform experiments on Yuri? ...kill Yuri?
Please ask first! Really, really ASK first! Hmn. Please ask first, but I'll tell you that I'm not completely against it. It's just better to actually know what you get yourself into beforehand, right? Preferable not right now, maybe never... but... if it's anything plot-relevant. Sure, just ask and let's talk about first.
...disguise myself as Yuri? ...threadhop/threadjack Yuri? ...intoxicate Yuri? ...kidnap Yuri?
Sure, no problem. Sure, go ahead? Where would the fun be if one can't do that? Sure, even though he grew up at an inn, so he probably won't get drunk too fast. Just ask first for other intoxication. Please ask first.
...perform (not above mentioned) abilities on Yuri? ...tracking/picklocking Yuri/his quarters? ...invastigate Yuri? ...four-walling Yuri?
Please ask first. I would like to know which ones these could be. Sure, go ahead, right now anyway... Ask first, please. Err... actually. No. Please don't. He is confused enough as it is.

He has some fighting abilites he would probably use, if he has gotten them back. Would he be allowed to use some of them on you? Have another, more exact list of these Artes. He'll only be able to use the xBox 360 related ones and then not even all, because he is from the middle of the game. Of course, like I said before. He won't be able to use them right now, not completely anyway... and he won't use the 'deadlier' ones either if he doesn't think it's important.
The Mystic Arte will be rarely, or neither used, it would take a looooot of energy anyway and will most-likely be the last ability he would ever learn again.
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Uhm... Just an overview for myself, I guess.

November 08.-30.2010

[voice] 001 - Arrival CLD-post
001 - He has to start somewhere. - His arrival in town
Watch for stray hands, Hostel dwellers... - He has to meet someone, sometime.
2 | [voice] --> CLD-Post from Mello asking about military
[video] 002 --> CLD-Post from Yuri, asking about sparing
[AD] --> AD about the church and their water
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Name: Fluffy
Personal LJ: [livejournal.com profile] tank_top_lover
Age: 23
Contact: AIM: fluffyhojo; Mail: fluffyhojo@googlemail.com
Current Characters: None
Are you fine with your application being unscreened? No problem.
[Optional] Where did you hear about PP? A friend who plays there at the moment.

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Name: fluffyhojo
Age: 23
Personal Journal: [livejournal.com profile] fluffyhojo
E-mail: fluffyhojo @googlemail.com
Timezone: GMT+1
AIM/MSN/Skype: scientistfluffy / -- / aerith-chan

Character Name: Yuri Lowell
Series: Tales of Vesperia (xBox 360 Version)
Timeline: Sometime after the game, after the Blastia was destroyed.

Reference Link: http://aselia.wikia.com/wiki/Yuri_Lowell

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Aug. 30th, 2010 10:53 am
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